le balmoral


juLY 3, 2021




Each 5-Man Scramble Vegas Golf Series event includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Access to up to $7,500 in purse & prizes (1st: $3,750 / 2nd: $2,250 / 3rd: $1,500 );
  • Competitive round of golf teamed up with a professional golfer from the East Coast Pro Tour;
  • Golf & Cart included;
  • Exclusive Vegas Golf Series merch & gear;

To view the list of players registered for the 5-Man Scramble at Golf Le Balmoral on July 4, 2021, view the BlueGolf Tournament page. Registrations are updated every 48 hours.

The 5-Man Scramble format brings together four (4) amateurs and one (1) professional per team to compete for up to $7,500* in purses and prizes.


At registration, each team will register as a team of two (2). Teams MUST respect the handicap criteria listed below when choosing. a partner. If you’re signing up as an individual, we’ll match you with a partner IF one is available. 


Prior to the start of the event, a draft will take place to determine the final teams. The final team will consist of four (4) amateur players (two teams of two players) and a professional. The draft will allow the teams with the highest Golf Canada Handicap Indexes to draft the 2-man team of their choice to start. In doing so, the playing field will level out and give everyone a fair opportunity to compete. The same process will repeat itself where the team of four (4) with the highest Golf Canada Handicap Indexes will choose their ECPT professional first, once again levelling out the playing field.

*Provided there are a minimum of 100 players


12:00PM - 2:30PM - VGS 5-Man Scramble

Starting times will be available 72 hours prior to the start of the tournament at the host facility and online through the links provided.  Starting times and pairing are made at the discretion of the tournament organization. Specific requests will not be granted.

The entry fee for the 5-Man Scramble is as follows:

  • CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: $540 CAD per team of 2 players. Includes on-site signage during the event.

All players must register for the tournament before 5:00pm on Wednesday June 30, 2021.

The two team members’ aggregate Golf Canada Handicap factor must be between 2.0 and 45.0. A maximum index differential of 15.0 is permitted between the 2 team members. A professional not competing in an ECPT event may play as part of a team of two, but their handicap will be set at 0.0. They will therefore need to find a partner with a Golf Canada Handicap Index between 2.0 and 15.0.

For Example:

  • 4.6 + 7.2 = 11.8 (ELIGIBLE)
  • 15.2 + 18.1 = 33.3 (ELIGIBLE)
  • 0.2 + 1.0 = 1.2 (INELIGIBLE, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index is lower than 2.0)
  • 17.8 + 30.2 = 48.0 (INELIGIBLE, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index is greater than 45.0)
  • 0.2 + 20.0 = 20.2 (INELIGIBLE, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index differential is greater than 15.0)

Only official Golf Canada Handicap Indexes will be accepted at Vegas Golf Series events. The Vegas Golf Series tournament committee will verify all indexes prior to the tournament. All Golf Canada Indexes must be current and active at the time of registration and through the event. Providing an invalid handicap will result in a permanent ban from all future Vegas Golf Series events.

Any amateur golfer who carries a current Golf Canada Handicap is eligible to participate. An amateur player’s approved Golf Canada Handicap Factor must reflect his/her potential playing ability.

BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT ENTRY DEADLINE: The entry fee (less the $50.00 administration fee) will be refunded to any applicant that cancels his/her entry before the applicable tournament entry deadline. Entry fee non-transferable and non-deferrable to other players. Entry fee may be transferred only one time to another similar Vegas Golf Series event. Request must be emailed to info@eastcoastprotour.com


AFTER THE TOURNAMENT ENTRY DEADLINE: No refund will be issued following the tournament entry deadline.

registration deadline

june 30, 2021 at 5:00pm